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Whether your dog is recovering from an injury, managing a chronic condition, or simply staying fit, hydrotherapy can help. Our state-of-the-art underwater treadmill provides the optimal environment for us to help you achieve your dog's health & fitness goals.

The Dogworx Hydrotherapy shop front at night
Sadie (Golden Labrador) in the underwater treadmill
Inside the Dogworx Hydrotherapy shop taken at night
Mayzie (Chocolate Labrador) in the underwater treadmill

Frequently asked questions

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What is hydrotherapy?
Hydrotherapy is a form of rehabilitation and exercise that involves your dog walking on the treadmill while submerged in water. The water provides resistance, which helps to build strength and endurance while the buoyancy of the water reduces the impact on the dog's joints.
What can hydrotherapy do for my dog?
Hydrotherapy can help in a variety of circumstances, including recovery from injury or surgery, 'pre-hab' to prepare for surgery, relief from pain caused by arthritis, maintaining muscle mass and mobility, weight loss, fitness and conditioning, as well as providing enrichment and mental stimulation.
How much does it cost?
We're currently offering a special rate of $99 for your dog's initial session, then $55 per session for follow ups; or $290 for our five-session package, which includes the initial session, plus four follow ups.
How are the sessions structured?
Our initial session takes approximately an hour and provides an opportunity for us to get to know each other, so your dog feels relaxed in our clinic and enjoys visiting for their sessions. We introduce them to the underwater treadmill at a pace they're comfortable with. We'll also discuss your dog's history and what you hope they'll achieve from hydrotherapy.
Follow-up sessions
Following your dog's initial session, follow-up sessions usually take approximately half an hour, during which we'll discuss how your dog's progressed since their previous session and what our goals are for this session.
How do I know if my dog would benefit from hydrotherapy?
There are many subtle signs that your dog may have an issue that hydrotherapy could be beneficial for. These signs don't necessarily mean there's something "wrong" with your dog, but are worth keeping an eye out for and discussing with us or your vet if you've got any concerns.
Some common signs are:
  • Doesn't sit straight - rolls onto one hip, or has leg/s sticking out to the side.
  • 'Bunny hops' back legs when running.
  • Butt wiggles when walking.
  • 'Too lazy' or hesitant to jump into the car or onto furniture.
  • Doesn't enjoy being petted in certain areas or positions, eg. doesn't like being laid on their back, or their back twitches when you pat down their spine.
  • Gets 'grumpy' after a lot of activity.
  • Reluctant to run around & play with other dogs, or is lame afterwards.
Do I need a referral from my vet?
We operate on a vet-referral basis to ensure we're providing treatment that's in alignment with your dog's overall health management plan. However, it's a very simple process whereby we contact your vet to obtain their confirmation that your dog doesn't have any issues that would preclude them from having hydrotherapy in our underwater treadmill.

Meet Sandy

Sandy started Dogworx in 2011 to provide behaviour coaching for pet dogs and their owners. Since then, she's consistently seen dogs showing, often subtle, signs of pain & discomfort which can contribute to their behavioural issues.

Dogs are very adept at hiding pain, so many loving owners are unaware that their dogs are experiencing discomfort on a daily basis. Seeing so much of this and knowing it's not just old dogs that can be living in pain, she finally decided to take the plunge and invest in an underwater treadmill!

Thankfully it's not all aches & pains though - hydrotherapy's fantastic for fitness & conditioning, as well as enrichment & mental stimulation for all dogs, so it's a fun way to keep your dog fit, healthy & happy for as long as possible.

Sandy (left) conducting a hydrotherapy session with Sadie (right) in the underwater treadmill

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